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Section 2: Addenda

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In the event that the Department modifies a proposal or the plans after the proposal release date, an addendum is sent to communicate revisions to each bidder who requested a bidding proposal.

Make an informed decision as to whether or not an addendum is needed or whether a change order is appropriate.

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  • Minor errors, including but not limited to minor quantity errors or misspelled words, do not require correction prior to letting.
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  • An addendum should only be issued for substantial changes.
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Addendum Requests

Because significant work has gone into bringing a project to letting, and Prospective Bidders have expended efforts in preparing their bids, DES, CST, and CIV will make every effort to assist in issuing addenda.

All addendum requests must include the following:

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  • a complete explanation of what is being changed, e.g., sheets added or deleted, bid items added or removed, unit costs modified, contract days modified, change in funding from state to federal or vice versa;
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  • a description of how the overall project cost is being impacted;
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  • a statement as to why the addendum should be approved and potential impacts if it is not processed; and
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  • documentation of District Engineer (DE) or Deputy District Engineer (DDE) approval of the addendum.

Addenda submitted without complete documentation will not be reviewed, approved, or processed and will be returned to the district.

Reference the Letting Manual, Chapter 2 and Design Division’s Addenda Processing SOP for more information on processing of addenda (internal access only).

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Accessing the Bidders List to Gather Contact Information for All Prospective Bidders

Access the Bidders List and gather contact information using either of the following options to ensure that every prospective bidder that has requested a proposal receives the same information.

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