Section 2: Biological Resources

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Protected Species Requirements

Protected species include state or federally listed endangered species, migratory birds, sensitive wildlife, and wildlife habitats that may occur within the project at any time. Do the following to meet protected species requirements.

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  • Become aware of the commitments pertaining to any species in the environmental permits, issues, and commitments (EPICs) section in the PS&E.
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  • Review species coordination specific to the project, including avoidance and minimization measures in the construction plans.
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  • Ensure the contractor makes a good faith effort to implement any avoidance and minimization measures in the construction plans and recommendations included in the contract.
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  • Ensure the contractor has the necessary information to recognize protected species or habitat in the project area. This information is available from the District Environmental Coordinator (DEC).
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  • Inform the contractor to notify the DEC immediately if any protected species or new habitat is found in the project area.
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  • Ensure that ENV is given an opportunity to review project activities resulting from change orders that extend project impacts into new right of way (ROW) or easements that were not included in the original PS&E. ENV will coordinate the review with the appropriate agencies. ENV will coordinate the results of the review with the AE and the DEC, who will notify the contractor when work may resume.

For more information on protected species, contact ENV's Natural Resources Management Section.

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