Section 3: Construction Surveying

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Construction stakes are set to establish lines and grades for roadway work. They also establish centerlines and benchmarks for bridge layouts. Ensure that these stakes are set sufficiently in advance of the work to avoid delay of the project and in accordance with Article 5.6, “Construction Surveying,” of the Standard Specifications.� Ensure that survey control documentation is verified in accordance with the revision to “Survey Control Documentation” memo dated January 12, 2006.

Use Method A unless otherwise specified in the contract. Allow the contractor to copy available earthwork cross-sections, computer printouts or data files, and other information necessary to establish and control work. Deduct the cost of work performed by the department to repair disturbed control points, stakes, marks, or right of way markers from money due to the contractor.

Measurements and surveys may be made to determine pay quantities and the accuracy of the work. These measurements and surveys do not relieve the contractor’s responsibility for accuracy of the work.

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Method A

Set control points for establishing lines, slopes, grades, and centerlines and for providing both vertical and horizontal control at maximum intervals of 1,500 ft. The contractor will furnish materials, equipment, and qualified workforce necessary for the construction survey work. The contractor will also place construction points, stakes, and marks at intervals sufficient to control work to establish tolerances. Ensure that construction stakes are placed at intervals of no more than 100 ft., or as otherwise determined. Ensure that stakes and marks do not interfere with normal maintenance operations.

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Method B

Set adequate control points, stakes, and marks to establish lines, slopes, grades, and centerlines. The contractor will furnish additional work, stakes, materials, and templates necessary for marking and maintaining points and lines.

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Method C

The contractor will set adequate control points, stakes, and marks to establish lines, slopes, grades, and centerlines.

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Contractor Responsibility

The contractor is responsible for:

  • maintaining the integrity of control points
  • preserving all control points, stakes, marks, and right of way markers
  • cost and responsibility of replacing disturbed control points, stakes, marks, and right of way markers.
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