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Section 3: Final Inspection of Federal-Aid Projects

Complete Form 2235, “Final Inspection of Federal-Aid Project,” and submit to the Financial Management Division (FIN) for all federal-aid projects, including PoDI and Design-Build (Public Private Partnership) projects. In particular, note nonparticipating costs, such as delays due to utility adjustments or non-participation change orders, on the form. Not completing the form within 60 days of the final contractor payment jeopardizes federal funds on the project. Below are the processing procedures for the Form 2235.

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DCO receives the Advance Completion Notice from the AO.


DCO schedules a final project inspection with the AO and Engineer of Record (EOR).


Perform the project inspection. Place inspection report/memo in FHWA file folder.


Once the construction project files are received from the AO and the final audit has been completed by DCO, route the close-out folder to the designated person in the DCO. DCO completes Form 2235 for signature by the Director of Construction or designee and submits to FIN.


If the project is not federally funded, Form 2235 is not needed.

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