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Section 7: Final Federal Program Inspection Guide – TxDOT Federal Program Projects

Schedule the final inspection with the AO project engineer and/or the assigned inspector. Additionally, invite the EOR and other designers (TxDOT or consultant) to attend the final inspection to hear and discuss design issues encountered by the AO project management staff to improve future designs.

Once the field review is complete, prepare a final inspection report memo listing the design issues and the construction observations. Send the report memo to the AE, with a copy to the DCE/DOC and District Design Engineer or District Design Support Engineer (consultant designs). The EOR and associated designers are copied along with the AO project engineer or project manager. Record the date of the final inspection on Form 2235 in block 15.



Overall Quality

  • Appearance of pavement, striping, concrete work, etc.

Construction Items

  • Constructed in general compliance with plans and specifications
  • Drainage structures clean and undamaged

Roadside Safety

  • MBGF, terminal connections, CCAs, permanent concrete barriers, bridge railing, S.E.T.s., etc. are constructed and installed according to the plans and specifications and manufacturers’ recommendations

Erosion Control / Vegetation Establishment

  • SRBs, seeding, sod, armoring – concrete riprap, loose rock riprap, gabion baskets and mattresses are all installed according to the plans and specifications
  • All disturbed areas are stabilized
  • BMP removal – coordinate with DEQC

Site Clean

  • All construction debris removed
  • RFD wire and rock removed to not damage future mowers
  • Erosion control log netting removed
  • Contractor’s equipment and material storage yard clean and stabilized

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