Section 3: Force Account and Interim Adjustments to the Contract

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Change Orders Involving Contractor Force Account Work

Include the following information on all change orders (COs) involving force account work (see Form 2146, Change Order, Contract Items, page 1, page 2):

  • the equipment description:
    • brand
    • year
    • model
    • serial number
    • type
    • size
    • horsepower or
    • other identification.
  • equipment rates established in accordance with Article 9.5.D, “Equipment,” of the Standard Specifications
  • all labor classifications with applicable wage rates (refer to Chapter 15, Contractor Workforce, for more information related to labor requirements)
  • material costs associated with the force account work
  • contractor’s invoice and
  • any additional information necessary to support the CO.

COs for force account work less than $10,000 may be prepared based on the contractor’s estimated costs for labor, equipment, and material. Obtain cost justification as determined necessary. Complete Form 316 to document the force account work payment. Ensure the CO is approved prior to beginning of work. Subsequent to the completion of the force account work, obtain from the contractor a certified invoice listing the total cost for labor, equipment, materials, incidentals and additional compensation provided in Article 9.5, “Force Account,” of the Standard Specifications.

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Change Orders Involving Interim Adjustments

If an agreement cannot be reached with the contractor regarding the basis of payment for the CO, work may proceed by making an interim adjustment to the contract. Subsequent to performance of the work, consider modifying compensation to the contractor based on actual work performed.

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