Section 2: Manual Description

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Use of this Manual

This manual, prepared by CST, provides DE’s, AE’s, and their various representatives, including inspectors and record keepers a guide for administering construction contracts. This manual replaces the April 2001 edition of the Contract Administration Handbook for Construction Projects. The name of this document is now changed to the Construction Contract Administration Manual. This manual is one of the components used to manage a successful construction contract. Other TxDOT resource documents include:

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How This Manual is Organized

This manual is organized into 17 chapters, as outlined in the following table:

Manual Structure



Chapters 1 through 3

Provides a general overview and procedures related to activities before construction work begins.

Chapter 4

Provides guidance on record keeping, including project records and the requirements of the open records law.

Chapter 5

Outlines control of work. Control of work encompasses project authority, work documents, staking the project, inspections, and post construction evaluation.

Chapter 6

Summarizes the control of materials covering material management, sampling and testing, required material forms, and Buy America program.

Chapter 7

Covers changes to the contract, including processing of change orders, other contract agreements, contract termination, etc.

Chapter 8

Outlines contract disputes and department claim process.

Chapter 9

Covers legal relations and responsibilities.

Chapter 10

Prosecution and progress.

Chapter 11

Summarizes the measurement and payment process.

Chapter 12

Provides insight into environmental issues such as hazardous material/waste handling, biological and water resources, and cultural resource management.

Chapter 13.

Provides information on health and safety items.

Chapter 14

Provides an overview of the Business Opportunity Program.

Chapter 15

Covers contractor workforce items such as labor laws and On-the-Job Training.

Chapter 16

Provides information regarding contracts let or administered by local government (LG) entities.

Chapter 17

Various forms, document examples and guidelines

NOTE: Forms not included in Chapter 17 may be found in other manuals, the department’s Forms Catalog, CST’s intranet site, or the department’s internet site.

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Manual Update

This manual will be updated to reflect new changes and will continue to be improved. Any suggestions or comments, including questions, will be greatly appreciated. Please submit them to the Construction Division, Labor & Contract Administration Branch (L&CA).

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