Section 3: On-the-Job Training

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Reference the Civil Rights Division (CIV) OJT Program webpage or contact CIV at (512) 416-4700 for more information regarding the OJT Program.

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The Department has established an On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program in accordance with 23 CFR Part 230, Subpart A. It is TxDOT's policy to require full utilization of all available training and skill improvement opportunities to assure the increased participation of minority group, female, and disadvantaged individuals in all phases of the highway construction industry.

Under 23 CFR 230 and 23 USC 140, the Department has the authority to conduct contractor compliance reviews of contractors to ensure compliance with the equal employment opportunity (EEO) contract provisions and the implementation of special requirements for the provision of OJT training (23 CFR 230.111). A Contractor's failure to comply with the requirements of OJT special provisions will constitute a material breach of the contract.

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Contract Provisions

Special Provision 000-006 “On-the-Job Training Program,” is included in all TxDOT federal-aid construction contract proposals effective with the January 2014 state letting.

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