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Section 3: Payment

In accordance with best practices involving good partnering and dispute resolution concepts, the CCC encourages Districts to work with the Contractor to resolve a dispute or claim at the District level during the course of the contract. In this case, the District processes payment for resolution through SiteManager following the established change order (CO) process.

Districts may resolve a claim up to the date and time of the CCC meeting. If the CSJ has not been closed, the District can process payment by CO. If the CSJ has been closed, the District must submit Form 2557, “Billing Worksheet,” to the Financial Management Division (FIN).

Once the Department and the contractor enter into a CCC meeting, the District can no longer negotiate, resolve, or process payment for the claim. The CCC will make the necessary arrangements with FIN for payment of claims resolved by a CCC meeting. Districts have no further procedural responsibility regarding resolution of claims heard by the CCC; however, any funds disbursed will come from the District's budget allocation.

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