Chapter 2: Pre-Award Activities

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Section 1: Showing the Project

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Purpose and Process of Showing a Project

When showing a project, provide all interested parties the opportunity to review the project and any pertinent information requested. Keep a record of all questions asked and answers provided. Ensure all interested parties are treated fairly and equitably. Any explanations, information or handouts made available to one prospective bidder must be made available to all prospective bidders. Never make statements regarding the possibility or probability of changes in plans, specifications, or quantities.

If errors are pointed out by a prospective bidder, analyze the errors to determine the overall effect on the contract. Correct major errors prior to the letting by issuing an addendum to all prospective bidders. Minor errors, including but not limited to, minor quantity errors or misspelled words do not require correction prior to letting. For contracts let at the state level, addenda for these changes are released by the Construction Division (CST), Contract Letting and Contractor Prequalification branch (CL&CP). For contracts that are let and administered by local governments, addenda for these changes may be released by the local government after Design Division (DES) approval. Errors affecting contract competitiveness or that create the potential for an unbalanced bid must be corrected (refer to August 9, 2005 memo regarding Addenda).

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Bidding Proposals at the State Level

CST-CL&CP issues all bidding proposals for highway construction contracts publicly opened and read at the state level. Informational proposals are available by request from CST-CL&CP, or at the department's website. Do not provide a contractor any “For Information Only” proposals distributed to a district office. Forward all requests for proposal documents to CST-CL&CP for processing.

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Bidding Proposals at the District Level

Obtain administrative approval prior to scheduling a highway construction contract for letting at the district level. Only those highway construction contracts estimated to involve less than $300,000 are eligible. Either the district or CST may issue bidding or informational proposals for highway construction contracts publicly opened and read at the district level.

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