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Section 5: Project Closeout

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Project Closeout is the process of collecting all of the paperwork required to be submitted over the life of the project, to support pay quantities and to support the decisions made during the life of the project. The information contained in this documentation may be needed in the future if a claim or lawsuit is filed. This is a two-step process, beginning with project record keepers in the Area Office (AO) and finished by the District Construction Office (DCO).

The following checklist was created to assist the AOs and may not be an all-inclusive. Individual projects may include additional items. Review the available project information, including the plans, specifications, and special provisions.

Include all files, tickets, etc. in the project files; do not retain project information in the AO.

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Project Closeout Checklist

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  1. Project Event List - A chronological list of all of the major events on the project
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  3. Preconstruction Contract Correspondence
  4. Anchor: #TPTVLVOL
  5. Contract
  6. Anchor: #JIKWWCAP
  7. Bid Tabulation
  8. Anchor: #UWEPGCWU
  9. Utility or ROW Conflicts
  10. Anchor: #USKRHDFS
  11. Railroad Right of Entry (ROE)
  12. Anchor: #KKLHMDVP
  13. Preconstruction Meeting Notes, Sign-In Sheets, etc.
  14. Anchor: #QFHVHRTB
  15. Partnering Meeting, Invoice, etc.
  16. Anchor: #IQEQOGKD
  17. Preconstruction Safety Meeting Notes
  18. Anchor: #WUJWVNBM
  19. DBE Subcontractors
  20. Anchor: #LMOQOIHM
  21. Subcontractor Approval
  22. Anchor: #XTEJXPIE
  23. Prompt Payment Certification
  24. Anchor: #RGFHRXHF
  25. DBE/SBE monthly payment reporting
  26. Anchor: #WSBGNTME
  27. DBE/SBE final payouts
  28. Anchor: #UJEFFTCP
  29. Project Schedule
  30. Anchor: #LTXAGEKN
  31. Materials
  32. Anchor: #JLCXRQAO
  33. Construction
  34. Anchor: #GPJOOCED
  35. Equipment Verifications
  36. Anchor: #LTFBYBCV
  37. DWRs - Make sure all DWRs in SiteManager have been authorized.
  38. Anchor: #POOVIUWV
  39. Monthly Estimates
  40. Anchor: #JBYBPNUB
  41. Change Orders, Force Account, etc. - All Correspondence and Approved or Unapproved COs
  42. Anchor: #MWUHAOQX
  43. Dispute Correspondence, Requests for additional compensation, etc., Approvals, Denials
  44. Anchor: #NUKXIMSA
  45. Traffic Control Plans, Revisions, Contractor Proposed Changes, etc.
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    • Paper copies of FORM 599, “TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES INSPECTION REPORT” - Barricade Folder includes all 599s required for both day and night inspections each month
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    • The 599 folder is separate from the project files, labeled with “DO NOT DISCLOSE - EXCEPTED FROM DISCLOSURE BY 23 USC §409.” This file is considered safety information that federal law exempts from discovery, which makes them exempt from disclosure under the Public Information Act.
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  47. Environmental Compliance
  48. Anchor: #DVBEDHEU
  49. Buy America/Buy Texas Documentation
  50. Anchor: #QRCECYJL
  51. Overweight Construction Traffic Submittals and Approvals
  52. Anchor: #EXHSFJIH
  53. Construction Equipment Operating on Structures or Materials Stored on Structures Plans and Approvals
  54. Anchor: #IPYGBKKY
  55. Employee Certifications
  56. Anchor: #WJUJTDQG
  57. Labor Compliance
  58. Anchor: #GUQJTGEC
  59. Incident and Injury Reporting,
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    • Check EPRS to ensure contractor has submitted incidents and injuries that have occurred on the project. These should correspond to information in the DWRs.
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  61. Other Correspondence
  62. Anchor: #BVTYJTGF
  63. Disposal of Wells Plugging Report
  64. Anchor: #EUMXJMJM
  65. As Built Plans
  66. Anchor: #OWEOKWDN
  67. Statement of Cost (SOC's)
  68. Anchor: #XULVQPOU
  69. Form 2235 - Final Inspection of Federal Aid project
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  71. Final hard copy Contractor Evaluation Form 2707 and complete backup documentation saved in a folder separate from the project files, labeled “DO NOT DISCLOSE - Attorney General Opinion Required.”
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