Section 5: Project-Specific Locations

For all PSLs (material sources, waste sites, parking areas, storage areas, field offices, staging areas, haul roads, etc.), signing of the contract certifies contractor and subcontractor compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to the preservation of cultural resources, natural resources, and the environment as issued by the following or other agencies.

The contractor must maintain documentation of contractor certification activities including environmental consultant reports, contractor documentation on certification decisions, and contacts and correspondence with the resource agencies. The contractor must provide documentation to the Engineer upon request.

The contractor must:

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  • obtain written approval from the Engineer for all PSLs in the ROW not specifically addressed on the plans;
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  • be responsible for off ROW permits, clearances, Notice of Intent (NOI)s, and monitoring – there may be additional requirements due to requirements or commitments in TxDOT’s permits and clearances;
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  • prepare an SWP3 for all contractor facilities, such as asphalt or concrete plants located within Department right of way, and comply with all TCEQ permit requirements for portable facilities, such as concrete batch plants, rock crushers, asphalt plants, etc.;
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  • address all environmental issues, such as Section 404 permits, species consultation requirements, or archaeological and historic site impacts; and
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  • obtain all permits and clearances in advance.
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