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Section 6: Construction Project Timeliness

There is significant interest regarding the “on-time” status of construction projects. It is simple to compare the percent of project time used and the percent of the contract value that has been paid, but because a project’s payout curve is not always linear and parallel with the progress of time, this calculation doesn’t always give a clear picture of the status of a project’s timeliness.

Project Managers (PM) must determine the estimated completion date and an estimate of the project’s percent complete status on a monthly basis. The PM has the discretion to assign a percent complete value that is different than the percent of time used on the project.

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  • If the project has a CPM schedule, the PM should be able to assess if the contractor has deviated from the schedule and assign the estimated percent complete based on this observation.
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  • If the project does not have a CPM schedule, the PM will estimate the percent complete based on their judgement of the contractor’s prosecution of the work.

PMs must report the “Estimated Completion Date – PM Estimated” and the “PM’s Estimated Percent Complete” in SiteManager monthly.

Refer to the SiteManager Contract Administration Manual, for instruction on inputting and maintaining “Key Dates” and “Checklist Event Dates.”

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