Chapter 10: Prosecution and Progress


Section 1: Workers and Equipment

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Ensure the contractor furnishes suitable machinery, equipment, and construction forces for the proper completion of the work. If applicable, ensure the contractor provides adequate lighting to address quality requirements and inspection of nighttime work. Notify the contractor of failure to comply with these requirements. If the contractor does not correct the identified deficiencies, suspend the work without suspending the working day charges and withhold all future estimates until the contractor complies.

Contractor employees or representatives may be removed from the work locations when the following conditions are determined to exist:

  • work is not performed in a proper and skillful manner or
  • employees or representatives are:
    • disrespectful
    • intemperate
    • disorderly
    • uncooperative or
    • otherwise objectionable.

Work may be suspended without suspending working day charges until the contractor complies with these requests.

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