Chapter 10: Prosecution and Progress


Section 1: Workers and Equipment

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In accordance with Article 5.5, "Cooperation of Contractor", the contractor must furnish suitable machinery, equipment, and construction forces for the proper prosecution and completion of the work.

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Ensure that the contractor staffs every project under contract with TxDOT with a Superintendent who is available at all times during the course of the project. The project Superintendent should be named in writing and documented within the project files by the contractor. In accordance with Article 5.5, the Engineer may suspend work without suspending working day charges for any of the following reasons.

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  • The Superintendent is inexperienced with the work being performed and not capable of reading and understanding the contract.
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  • There is an absence of the named project Superintendent during the prosecution of project work.
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  • The Superintendent is unable to receive instructions from the Engineer and to act for the contractor.
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Construction Workers

Only by written request of the Engineer, contractor employees or representatives may be removed from the work locations when the following conditions are determined to exist.

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Nighttime Work

When work is performed at night, the contractor must provide adequate lighting so that:

OSHA Standard 1926.56 has the minimum lighting standards for workers safety. If deemed necessary, TxDOT has the right to request additional lighting above the minimum in order to facilitate adequate inspection and safe operations of the work. Notify the contractor of failure(s) to comply with these requirements. If the contractor does not correct the identified deficiencies, suspend the work without suspending the working day charges and withhold all future estimates until the contractor complies.

Refer to the Traffic Safety Division's Work Zone Safety and Mobility Guidelines for more information.

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