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Section 5: Preconstruction Safety Meeting

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Purpose of the Preconstruction Safety Meeting

The purpose of the safety pre-construction meeting is to discuss work zone safety with Department personnel, the contractor’s staff, law enforcement agencies, etc. This meeting should establish lines of authority and communication; determine the responsibilities and duties of contractor's personnel, subcontractors, and Department personnel; clarify potential sources of misunderstanding; and work out the detailed arrangements necessary for the safe and successful completion of the contract. Maintain a written record of the meeting (e.g., meeting minutes) in the contract file, together with any required documentation provided to resource agencies.

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Preconstruction Safety Meeting Responsibilities

Conduct a preconstruction safety meeting with the contractor after the Texas Transportation Commission has awarded the contract, the contract has been executed, a work order has been issued, and prior to commencement of construction operations.

Ensure meeting attendees include:

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Pre-construction Safety Meeting Agenda

Prepare a preconstruction safety meeting agenda to discuss specific items. The following table is a list of discussion topics. Tailor the agenda to the specific project to ensure important topics are discussed with appropriate detail.

Anchor: #i1037535Preconstruction Safety Meeting Topics

Agenda Item



  • Staff introductions
  • Purpose of meeting

Identity of Representatives

Identify the contractor’s representatives, subcontractors, engineer, law enforcement agencies, and other relevant parties giving name, address, and phone number.

Project Safety

  • Encourage contractor to focus on safety
    • Trench safety
    • Fall protection
    • Confined spaces
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Overhead powerlines
  • Discuss TxDOT best practices for safety
    • Blind spots, parking, material storage locations, etc.
  • Discuss work zone safety as being top priority and a partnership
  • Determine time, location, and frequency of project Safety Meetings

Traffic Control Plan

  • Discuss each phase/milestone
  • Discuss limitations for construction work methods
  • Discuss the use of additional work zone safety devices
  • Identify the Contractor Responsible Person (CRP) and alternate (Section
  • Discuss available and required trainings
    • Flagger certifications, etc.
  • Discuss Hurricane Evacuation Route, etc. (as applicable)
  • Discuss the importance of keeping travel ways clear
    • Where to store materials, equipment, etc.
  • Discuss the importance of clear zones

Refer to “Requirements for a Pre-Construction Safety Meeting” policy in Appendix A.

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