Section 4: Workforce Project Posters

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Posters and Notices

Ensure that the contractor displays the following EEO posters and required notices to be displayed on project-site bulletin boards. The government referral line for questions regarding required posters for any state is 1-800-688-9889.

NOTE: Subcontractors may use the prime contractor's project-site bulletin board to display the required EEO officer information.

Job Site Posters and Notices

Poster/Notice Name


*Equal Opportunity is the Law

*EEOC-P/E-1 (EEO Poster)

*EEOC-P/E-S (Spanish Version)

*Fed. 5 in 1 Labor Law Poster

Required by 41CFR60-1.4(b)(1)

Available at Department of Labor (DOL)

or call 1-800-669-3362

G. Neil Co. 1-800-999-9111

*Contractor's EEO Policy

*Statement with Project EEO

Officer's Name and Phone No.

Required by 41 CFR 60-741.44

*Wage Rate Information


*FHWA 1495A (Spanish Version)

May be substituted for DOL-1321 per FHWA 1273, IV(1)(a)

Call Thomas Molock at (301) 322-5377

Notice to Employees (Davis-Bacon Wage Rate Poster)


Required by 29 CFR5.5(a)(1)

DOL or download poster

*Project Wage Rates

May be obtained from project contract

*Your Rights-Federal Minimum Wage

*WH 1088

*WH 1088 SP (Spanish Version)

Needed on projects where Davis-Bacon wage rates are not established.

Available at DOL website or Call (972) 850-2647

Job Safety and Health Protection


OSHA-3167 (Spanish Version)

Required by 29 CFR 1903.2(a)(1)

Call (202)693-1888 or download poster

Texas Payday Law Poster

**T.E.C. Y-10c

**T.E.C. Y-10s (Spanish Version)

Texas Workforce Commission

Call (512) 463-2747

Worker's Compensation Poster

Notice 6

Notice 6s (Spanish Version)

Texas Worker's Compensation Commission

Call (512) 804-4333

Family/Medical Leave Act


WH-1420 (Spanish Version)

Required by 29 CFR 825.300(a) for employers of more than 40 people. Available at DOL.

Call (202) 693-0023

Falsified Statements


Notice required by 18 CFR 1020 and 23 CFR 635.119

Call (301) 322-5377 or fax: (301) 386-5394

Employee Polygraph Protection Act


WH-1462A (Spanish Version)

Required by 29 CFR 801.6

Available at DOL

Or call DOL office (202) 693-0067

Hazard Communication Program Notice

OSHA Reg. 1926.59

To be developed by contractor

Emergency Telephone Number Notification

OSHA Reg. 1926.50

To be developed by contractor

*Required by FHWA for federally funded projects.

**Firm name, address and account number required on this poster.

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