Chapter 1: Introduction

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Section 1: Overview

This manual includes step-by-step repair procedures for use on new and existing concrete members cast for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). It includes a comprehensive list of common concrete distress and repair methods. The methods adhere to industry standards and the provisions from applicable documents by the American Concrete Institute and American Society for Testing and Materials. This manual was developed in collaboration with various repair material manufacturers to ensure that the procedures meet common proprietary requirements.

In general, repairs to TxDOT concrete structures should be implemented in accordance with the methods outlined in this manual. However, unusual circumstances occasionally arise. Engineers may determine that methods differing from those outlined here are more appropriate in some circumstances.

Updates to the manual are summarized in the following table.

Anchor: #i1010002Table 1-1: Manual Revision History


Publication Date

Summary of Changes


April 2015

New manual.


January 2017

Revision adding manual revision history to Chapter 1; revision breaking Chapter 1 into seven sections with no changes to content; revision adding Section 8, discussing rail damage due to vehicular impact, to Chapter 2; revisions for consistency with current DMS-4655; revised maximum application for neat product to 2"; various revisions to Chapter 3, Section 4, “Bridge Deck Repair” and Section 6, “Crack Repair – Gravity-Fed Epoxy” for improved performance of repairs; minor formatting and editorial revisions in various sections.


January 2019

Various editorial revisions including:

  • Reference to CST revised to MTD
  • Reference to epoxy anchors revised to adhesive anchors.
  • Various references to patch revised to repair.

Ch 1, Section 6:

  • Incorporated visual and non-destructive evaluation of repair material as part of Contractor's Responsibilities (QC).

Ch 2 Section 4:

  • Added procedure to recess and coat lifting strands on prestressed piling after installation of piling.

Ch 2, Section 8:

  • Referenced Item 445, "Galvanizing" for repair material to galvanized rail components.
  • Added language that tests on new railing adhesive anchorage may be required by the Engineer.

Ch 3, Section 1

  • Incorporated storage, temperature, humidity controls, and document controls to ensure material quality.

Ch 3, Section 2:

  • Incorporated typical repair detail and photos showing steps for typical intermediate spall repair.Incorporated language for temperature controls for mixing and using chilled water.Added inspection prior to finishing

Ch 3, Section 3:

  • Added inspection prior to finishing

Ch 3, Section 6:

  • Gravity-Fed Epoxy revised to Gravity-Fed Sealant to include other acceptable sealants.Incorporated language to follow product specifications for maximum working time.

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