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Section 5: Repair Procedure Submission and Approval

When the Engineer prepares repair or rehabilitation plans that include reference to this manual, the Contractor must prepare and submit formal procedures outlining repair plans and which proprietary materials they plan to utilize. Submit the package a minimum of two weeks prior to implementation so the Engineer has sufficient time to review. The Engineer must approve in writing any procedures that differ from those in this manual or materials that are not included in one of TxDOT’s MPLs.

For damage that occurs in precast concrete fabrication yards or on construction sites in which Contractor is required to prepare a Nonconformance Report or Request for Information, the Contractor should propose repair methods and materials outlined in this manual. Contractors may also propose to use a procedure that differs from those outlined in this manual, in which case TxDOT will consider on a case-by-case basis.

For cases in which the Engineer is not preparing repair documents and the Contractor is not issuing a Nonconformance Report or Request for Information, the Contractor and Inspectors should work collaboratively to determine an appropriate repair solution and then follow the applicable sections from this manual.

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