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Section 4: Repairs and Repair Manual

It is critical that repair crews use appropriate repair materials and installation methods. Even the best materials will not work effectively unless each aspect of the repair work is considered. Proper proportioning, mixing, surface preparation, application, and curing are all vital to the long-term success of a repair.

TxDOT maintains Departmental Material Specifications and corresponding preapproved Material Producer Lists for most of the materials outlined in the manual. It is vital that Engineers, Inspectors, and Contractors select and use only preapproved materials when applicable. The Engineer may select or Contractors may propose to use material not included on an MPL if it will provide for the best repair in a specific application. The Engineer will review such requests from the Contractor on a case-by-case basis, but in almost all cases a preapproved material should be selected.

Notify the Engineer before proceeding with the repairs if there are discrepancies between TxDOT’s requirements and industry standards or manufacturers’ instructions. Maintain up to date copies of the manufacturers’ technical literature to ensure the proper procedures are followed.

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