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Section 3: Standard Specification References to the Concrete Repair Manual

The Concrete Repair Manual is referenced in several 2014 Standard Specification Items. This section includes a list of each of those references, along with the corresponding Section to reference within this Manual.

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Spec Item

Item Title

Spec Reference

Repair Manual Reference


Prestressed Concrete Piling

3.1 (Defects and Breakage)

Refer to Section 2.4 for limits and repair procedures when assessing damage to prestressed concrete piling.


Concrete Substructures

4.13 (Ordinary Surface Finish)

Spalls are defined per Section 2.1, and repaired (based on severity) per Section 3.1, 3.2, or 3.3. Most spalls in this category will be defined as minor and repaired per Section 3.1.


Precast Concrete Structural Members (Fabrication)

4.3 (Workmanship)

Recess prestressed strands per Section 2.7.

4.3.1 (Defects and Breakage)

This item covers damage or surface defects that occur during fabrication, handling, storage, hauling, or erection of precast concrete members. Any of the sections in this manual could apply depending on the situation.


Concrete Structure Repair

2 (Materials)

3 (Construction Methods)

Severity of the unsound, delaminated, or spalled concrete is defined per Section 2.1. After defining, select materials and implement repair per Section 3.1 (Minor), 3.2 (Intermediate), or 3.3 (Major).


Concrete Crack Repair

2 (Materials)

3 (Construction Methods)

Select materials and perform repair work in accordance with the applicable section in this manual. Section 3.5 covers pressure-injected epoxy, 3.6 covers gravity-fed sealant, and 3.7 covers both routing and sealing and surface sealing.


Concrete Beam Repair

2 (Work Methods)

Concrete Beam Repair is a plan-specific item. Provide materials and perform work in accordance with the applicable sections of this Manual and as defined in the project plans.

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