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Section 2: Using the Concrete Repair Manual

When developing repair or rehabilitation plans, the Engineer should specifically include which sections of this manual will be enforced. Chapter 2 includes information on assessing damage, distress limits, and common types of concrete repair. Chapter 3 includes information on various repair materials and procedures for implementation.

Typically concrete repair work will include categorizing the type of distress as outlined in Chapter 2 and selecting a type of repair material from Chapter 3. In some cases, the material section includes enough information that choosing a corresponding type of repair is not necessary. For instance, the sections on crack repair do not require that corresponding repair types be selected

Each section in this manual is written as a stand-alone document, and individual sections contain all necessary information on material selection and application. It is not necessary to read the manual from start to finish. Rather, the intention is that Inspectors and Contractors will need only to reference the applicable section or sections. The sections are kept as concise as possible since they are intended for field use.

This manual does not address post-tension strand, duct, or anchorage repairs. Repairs or defects associated with post-tension work should be addressed by the Bridge Division Construction & Maintenance Branch on a case-by-case basis.

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