Section 9: Agreement Amendment

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This section outlines the process for amending existing Agreements for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials.

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Request for Amendment

Producers/Suppliers/Warehouses must submit a written request to amend an existing Agreement for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials to CST, Materials & Pavements Section.

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Amendment Request Receipt

All requests from Producers/Suppliers/Warehouses to amend an existing agreement are forwarded to CST-BMS upon receipt.

CST-BMS personnel responsible for handling agreements review all amendment requests for completeness.

CST-BMS personnel contact the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse for any additional information necessary to process the request for an amendment to an existing agreement.

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Preparing Amendment

CST-BMS personnel determine which Responsible Branch or Branches are administering the existing agreement to be amended.

The Responsible Branch(es) Warehousing Program Coordinator(s) confirm(s), in a written statement or by email to CST-BMS, the acceptance of the requested amendment.

CST-BMS personnel prepare the necessary Amendment to Agreement for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials. (Follow the procedures for Preparing Agreement through Executed Agreement Transmittal as a guide for preparing, transmitting, executing, and final handling of an amendment.)

NOTE: An Initial Visit is required only in the event that the nature of the amendment warrants it prior to executing the amendment. Then the procedures found in Chapter 3, Section 2, Initial Visit, and Chapter 4, Section 6, Agreement Execution, are included as part of the execution of an amendment.

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