Section 6: Agreement Execution

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This section describes the procedures for completing the execution of an agreement.

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Agreement Receipt

All copies of the Agreement for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials signed by the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse are forwarded directly to the Business Management Section (CST-BMS).

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Signature Review

All copies of the agreement are reviewed to ensure that the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse and, if necessary, the Storage Facility Agent have signed the agreements and the agreements contain original signatures.

NOTE: At least one copy of the agreement must contain an original signature.

Copies of an agreement with reproduced signatures will not be processed for execution.

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Agreement Review

All copies of the signed agreement are reviewed thoroughly to ensure that none of the provisions have been altered by the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse.

If the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse altered any of the provisions of the signed agreement, CST-BMS contacts the Responsible Branch Warehousing Program Coordinator and the Contract Services Section of the General Services Division (GSD-CSS) for approval to execute the agreement for TxDOT. TxDOT will not execute agreements containing altered provisions without the approval of the Responsible Branch and GSD-CSS.

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Initial Visit and Agreement Execution Coordination

At the conclusion of a satisfactory initial visit, the Responsible Branch Warehousing Program Coordinator provides CST-BMS personnel with an ‘Initial Visit’ memorandum.

CST-BMS personnel then processes the agreement for execution by TxDOT.

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Agreement Execution

Prepare an agreement for execution using the following procedure

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Remove any unsigned copies of the agreement from the CST-BMS files.


Assign a number to the signed agreement. The number consists of seven characters, with each set of characters separated by a hyphen:

  • the first pair of characters is the calendar year in which the agreement is executed
  • the next three characters are always the letters “WPM” for “Warehousing Pretested Materials”
  • the last pair of characters is the next number in numeric sequence of agreements that have been processed for the calendar year.

EXAMPLE: The third agreement processed in 2007 is assigned number 07-WPM-03. Type the number in the space provided at the top right hand corner on each copy of the agreement.


Place a routing tag on the original copies of the agreement. Route the agreements to the:

  • CST, Materials & Pavements Section Director;
  • CST-BMS staff handling agreement execution.

Tag the signature page of each original copy of the agreement to identify where the CST-M&P Director signs the agreement on behalf of TxDOT and attach the approved Form 1909 or approval for renewal.


Upon execution of the agreement by the CST-M&P Director or Assistant Section Director, all copies of the agreement are returned to CST-BMS.


Review all copies of the executed agreement to ensure the CST-M&P Director has signed with an original signature, and an execution date is indicated.

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