Section 8: Agreement Renewal

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This section describes the process for renewing Agreements for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials.

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Expiration Monitoring

  • Agreement Listing
    • CST-BMS maintains a database report of Agreements for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials listing all current agreements in chronological order by expiration date.
  • Review for Expiration
    • During the first week of each month, CST-BMS personnel review the automated listing of current contracts.
    • All agreements expiring approximately three months from the date of the review are identified for renewal processing.
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Renewal Instructions Request

CST-BMS personnel follow these steps when preparing correspondence to request renewal instructions from the Responsible Branch.

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Notify the Responsible Branch’s Warehousing Program Coordinator by e-mail of expiring agreements. Provide the following information to the Warehousing Program Coordinator:

  • identify the Responsible Branch(es) and the Warehousing Program Coordinator(s)
  • identify, by agreement number and Producer/Supplier/Warehouse name, the agreement that is expiring
  • identify the expiration date of the agreement
  • request information concerning whether the agreement should be renewed
  • request renewal instructions if the agreement will be renewed
  • request information/explanation of why the agreement will not be renewed

Attach a copy of the Agreement for Warehousing Pretested and Approved Materials Summary Information for the expiring agreement.

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Agreement Renewal Preparation, Processing, and Execution

Process a renewal Agreement for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials as outlined beginning in Preparing Agreement and concluding with Executed Agreement Transmittal.

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Agreement Non-renewal Correspondence

In those instances where the Responsible Branch’s Warehousing Program Coordinator instructs CST-BMS personnel not to renew an expiring agreement, BMS sends correspondence to the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse detailing the reason for not renewing the agreement.

NOTE: The Responsible Branch must provide a reason, in writing, why an agreement will not be renewed.

If the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse cannot be contacted concerning the expiring agreement, a letter to the firm will not be necessary.

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