Section 5: Approved Material Returned to Stock

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General Information

Approved material proposed by the warehouse to be returned to stock is handled as follows:

  • The warehouse completes and submits Form 1908 to the Responsible Branch detailing the description, batch/lot/heat/coil numbers, and quantities of materials proposed for restocking.

NOTE: In the Remarks area of Form 1908, record the statement “Request to Restock.”

  • Permission to return approval material to stock is at the discretion of the Responsible Branch.
  • The Designated Sampler inspects for material identification, material and packaging condition, and TxDOT monogram. The Designated Sampler notifies the Responsible Branch, in writing, of the condition of the material. Arrangements for inspection of this material is at the discretion of the Designated Sampler.

All inventories are adjusted to reflect restock material quantities (reference the ‘Inventory Control’ section of this chapter).

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