Section 7: Executed Agreement Transmittal

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This section outlines the procedure for transmitting an executed agreement to the Producer/ Supplier/ Warehouse.

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Agreement Transmittal

Follow these steps to prepare and assemble correspondence transmitting a fully executed agreement.

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Prepare a letter to the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse transmitting two fully executed agreements including the following:

  • the fully executed agreements
  • identification of the individual(s) in the Responsible Branch(es) to contact concerning terms and conditions of the agreement or technical aspects of materials testing and the Designated Sampler(s) to schedule materials sampling and to provide details related to the removal of stored pretested material
  • reminders to the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse to notify CST Materials & Pavements Section (CST-M&P) within five working days of any changes in personnel involved in administering the terms and conditions of the agreement
  • instructions for accessing and downloading Form 9.42, Daily Report of Shipments.

Make one copy of the transmittal letter:

  • send the original letter to the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse with two originals of the fully executed agreement
  • file one copy in the CST-BMS files.
  • Complete the Agreement for Warehousing Pretested and Approved Materials Summary Information’ sheet. Include the:
    • name of the person who executed the agreement on behalf of the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse
    • new agreement number.
  • Produce copies of the Agreement for Warehousing Pretested and Approved Materials Summary Information.
    • Provide one copy to each Responsible Branch Warehousing Program Coordinator.
    • Provide one copy to each Designated Sampler.

File an original copy of the fully executed agreement.

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