Section 2: Initial Visit

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Scheduling the initial visit is the responsibility of the Materials & Pavements Section (CST-M&P) representatives assigned to conduct the visit.

If materials involve multiple branches, the branches coordinate and assign one qualified representative to conduct the initial visit.

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  • Scheduling a Visit

The Responsible Branch or assigned representative contacts the prospective warehouse within 15 working days of receipt of Form 1909, Application for Approved Warehouse, to schedule a visit.

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Confirm, by telephone or email, the material to be warehoused.


Is the material to be transferred from a preapproved source?

  • If no, go to Step 3.
  • If yes, go to Step 4.

If material does not come from a preapproved source,

  • THEN arrange sampling of material by a Designated Sampler.

Inform the prospective Producer/Supplier/Warehouse that:

  • Key personnel associated with warehousing operations should be present.
  • Material must be:
    • in a designated, accessible area; and
    • sampled, if necessary and/or available.

Schedules the visit.

  • Conducting the Visit

The Responsible Branch or assigned representative conducts an initial visit within a reasonable time frame and includes Designated Sampler personnel.

Approval or rejection of the proposed site is the responsibility of the CST-M&P representative conducting the initial visit.

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Use the ‘ Initial Visit Memorandum.


Inspect facilities for:

  • accessibility to material
  • ability to segregate material
  • designated area for state approved material.

Approve or reject site.

  • If site is rejected, go to Step 4.
  • If site is approved, go to Step 5.

If site is rejected:

  • provide a copy of the Initial Visit Memorandum to the prospective Producer/Supplier/Warehouse stating the reason(s) for rejection;
  • give the prospective Producer/Supplier/Warehouse a reasonable time frame to correct all discrepancies listed on the Initial Visit Memorandum.
  • schedule a follow-up visit.
  • Once discrepancies are corrected, go to Step 5.

NOTE: Warehouse agreement will not be fully executed until all requirements are met by the prospective Producer/Supplier/Warehouse.


Proceed with execution of agreement.

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Program Requirements

At the time of the initial visit, the Responsible Branch or assigned representative explains the following program requirements to the prospective Producer/Supplier/Warehouse.

  • Forms

    Forms 9.42 and 1908 will be furnished to the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse by the Responsible Branch at the time of the initial visit. These forms are available in hard copy and on TxDOT’s Internet site.

  • Material Control
    • Form 9.42, Daily Report of Shipment
      • Securing all pertinent project and material information necessary to process the daily report of shipment (DRS) is the responsibility of the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse.
      • Failure to include all the necessary information for processing will result in the rejection of a DRS.
      • In case of a rejected report, the CST-M&P representative responsible for the material in question requests a corrected report.
    • Inventory

      CST-M&P personnel will ensure that a satisfactory method of inventory control is used by the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse. CST-M&P and the Producer/Supplier Warehouse will maintain accurate, corresponding inventory records.

    • Personnel Changes

      The Producer/Supplier/Warehouse notifies the Responsible Branch, in writing, of any changes in personnel responsible for handling TxDOT material. This written notification will be furnished within five (5) working days of the change.

    • TxDOT use only

      All materials approved for warehousing are for TxDOT use only.

  • Material Sampling

    Sampling of material to be warehoused will be according to the applicable TxDOT test method.

    NOTE: The Responsible Branch furnishes the appropriate sampling procedures to external entities conducting sampling.

    Form 1908, Warehouse Material Sample Identification:

    • identifies material and quantities to be sampled by the Designated Sampler;
    • conveys tests results from the Responsible Branch to the Designated Sampler; and/or
    • identifies material and quantities returning to stock.

    Producer/Supplier/Warehouse is responsible for completing Form 1908 as instructed.

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