Chapter 1: Introduction


Section 1: Program Purpose

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General Introduction

The primary purpose of the warehousing program is to provide contractors with a source of preapproved construction materials for use on TxDOT projects. The program is advantageous to both TxDOT and the contractor by allowing fewer tests (testing larger quantities of materials) and shortening the delay incurred when testing on a project-by-project basis.

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What Materials Can Be Warehoused?

The responsibility for testing and control of specific materials has been assigned to certain branches within the Materials & Pavements Section of the Construction Division (CST-M&P). Each branch determines the materials to be warehoused and establishes the requirements for each of these materials. Materials currently included in the Warehousing Program are listed in this section under ‘Warehoused Materials.’

If the materials you are interested in are not included in the list, please contact a member of the Business Management Section of the Construction Division (CST-BMS) at 512/416-2588, who will direct you to the responsible branch.

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Physical Requirements of A Warehouse

The physical requirements of a warehouse are:

  • physical address is required; P. O. box numbers are unacceptable.
  • most materials require an enclosed warehouse
  • materials must be stored in an accessible area of the warehouse
  • materials must be segregated and identified for TxDOT use only
  • multiple warehouse locations are acceptable.
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Material Requirements

Material requirements of warehoused materials are:

  • all shipments of materials must be reported to CST-M&P
  • shelf/storage life of materials varies
  • packaging and labeling requirements are based upon the individual materials
  • all materials must bear the TxDOT approved stamp.
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Pretested Materials

Shelf life of materials cannot be increased when transferring to another approved warehouse.

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Inspection, Sampling, and Testing

A TxDOT representative will verify initial compliance with the program requirements. An Inspector/Sampler may be present at the time of the initial visit to sample materials, if available.

NOTE: Out-of-state warehouses may be subject to different requirements, such as having “in-state” locations, depending on the materials warehoused.

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There is no fee to participate in the program.

TxDOT bears the direct costs (costs associated with sampling, testing, inspection, administrative processing, and overhead) of materials that meet specifications.

The warehouser will bear the direct costs of materials that:

  • fail to meet specifications
  • exceed shelf/storage life
  • require resampling and retesting of expired materials for restocking purposes.
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Warehoused Materials

The following materials are eligible for warehousing:

  • Clear Acrylic Sealer
  • Coatings for Concrete Class B
  • Concrete Surface Treatment
  • Delineators and Object Markers
  • Flexible Delineator Posts
  • Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete
  • Fabricated Steel Items
  • Glass Traffic Beads
  • Raised Pavement Markers
  • Prefabricated Pavement Marking
  • Structural Paints
  • Temporary Roadway Tabs
  • Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Material
  • Traffic Paints
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Participation Requirements

Participation in this program requires:

  • execution of a Warehousing Agreement
  • inventory and reporting control
  • commitment to provide tested material for TxDOT use only.
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The procedures in the manual are internal to CST-M&P and are designed to be used as guidelines to maintain and administer consistency among the different branches within CST-M&P.

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