Manual Notice: 2007-1

From: Thomas R. Bohuslav, P. E., Director, Construction Division

Manual: Commercial Warehousing Program

Effective Date: December 01, 2007


To notify users of the Commercial Warehousing Program changes in the manual.


General changes throughout the manual:

  • Added acronym, CST-BMS, for the Construction Division, Business Management Section.
  • Consistently referenced the Construction Division, Materials & Pavements Section as CST-M&P.
  • Reference to forms are form numbers and form names or form numbers only instead of form acronyms or form names only.
  • Access to forms is through TxDOT’s Internet or Intranet forms webpage or logging in to the forms repository.
  • Contract Services Office has changed to Office of General Counsel, Contract Services Section (OGC-CSS).

Specific changes include:

  • Chapter 1, Introduction
    • Section 1, Program Purpose

      Under subhead ‘Inspection, Sampling, and Testing,’ added warehouse requirement information to ‘NOTE’ for out-of-state warehouses.

    • Section 1, Program PurposeUnder subhead, ‘Warehoused Materials,’

      deleted 16 items: A-103 Epoxy, Binder for Producing Epoxy Grout or Concrete, Concrete Adhesive, Concrete Curing Membrane, Epoxy Coating for Concrete, Epoxy for Crack Injection, Exposed Aggregate Surface Finish, Luminaires (various wattage), MBGL Posts, Pot Hole Patching Mix, Sign Mounts and Stub Posts, Surface Finish for Concrete, T-6 Rail and Posts, Traffic Marker Adhesive, Treated Timber Products, Waterproofing.

      Added five items: Coatings for Concrete Class B, Concrete Surface Treatment, Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete, Fabricated Steel Items, Traffic Paints

      Modified three items: Flexible Delineator Posts (formerly Delineator Posts), Raised Pavement Markers (formerly Pavement Markers), Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Material (formerly Prefabricated Pavement Marking Material).

  • Chapter 2, Program Information
    • Section 1, ‘Overview,’ revised the content under subhead, ‘A Look Ahead.’
    • Section 2 title changed from ‘Warehouse Packet Information Procedure’ to ‘Warehouse Application.’

      Under subhead, ‘Overview,’ added content describing the procedure and form used to submit an application to store and provide approved TxDOT material to TxDOT projects.

      Under subhead, ‘Procedures,’ two tables were deleted: ‘Receiving Request for Information’ and ‘Processing Request for Information.’ Changed the title of table ‘Receiving Warehouse Application’ to ‘Processing Warehouse Application.’

      In table, ‘Processing Warehouse Application,’ a step was added to the beginning of the table for Producer, Supplier, Warehouse to complete and submit Form 1909 to CST-BMS. In step 4, content was added to provide more detail on ‘Action Required’ by CST-BMS.

  • Chapter 3, Initial Visit
    • Section 2, ‘Initial Visit’

      Under subhead, ‘General,’ in the second paragraph, added specific branch responsibility when conducting initial visits for materials with multiple branches.

      Under subhead, ‘Procedure,’ in the table, ‘Scheduling Initial Visit,’ added “or email” in step 1.

      Under table, ‘Scheduling Initial Visit,’ deleted ‘Procedure’ subhead and changed second level subhead ‘Conducting a Visit’ to bullet item. Added procedure for Responsible Branch or assigned representative on conducting an initial visit.

      After table, ‘Conducting Initial Visit,’ added new subhead, ‘Program Requirements,’ and instructions for the Responsible Branch or assigned representative to explain program requirements to prospective Producer/Supplier/Warehouse.

      Under new subhead, ‘Program Requirement,’ format for subheadings Forms, Material Control, and Material Sampling changed. Subheads changed to first level bullets.

      The content format under the subheadings changed: first level bullets changed to second level bullets and second level bullets changed to third level bullets when there was more than one item under the second level bullet item.

      Under bullet item, ‘Material Control,’ under second level bullet item, ‘Inventory,’ added description of Producer/Supplier/Warehouse method of inventory control, maintaining accurate, corresponding (to CST-M&P) inventory records.

  • Chapter 4, Contractual Agreement, was originally Chapter 5, Contractual Agreement
    • Section 2, ‘Originating an Agreement’

      Under subhead, ‘Request for Agreement,’ updated wording in the first sentence of the paragraph.

      Under subhead, ‘Request Evaluation,’ in the third paragraph, added “CST-BMS contacts” to the beginning of the sentence. In the last paragraph, wording changed from “. . . BMS personnel will write a letter. . .” to “CST-BMS personnel sends a letter. . .”

    • Section 4, ‘Transmittal Letter’

      In table, ‘Preparing Correspondence,’ in bullet 1, under step 1 change word “entered” to “execute.” In NOTE 1, added phrases “add the individual’s name to the” and “list on.” In NOTE 2, added “which may require sampling.”

    • Section 6, ‘Agreement Execution’

      Under subhead, ‘Signature Review,’ in the first paragraph added “and the agreements contain original signatures.”

      Under subhead, ‘Agreement Review,’ in the second paragraph, replaced the two occurrences of phrase, “to process,” with “execute.”

    • Section 8, ‘Agreement Renewal’

      Under subhead, ‘Expiration Monitoring,’ under bullet item, ‘Agreement Listing,’ the process for maintaining a current listing of agreements changed from “an automated listing” maintained by BMS to “CST-BMS maintains a database report. . .”

      Under subhead, ‘Agreement Non-renewal Correspondence,’ added “NOTE: The Responsible Branch must provide a reason, in writing, why an agreement will not be renewed.”

    • Section 9, ‘Agreement Amendment’

      Under subhead, ‘Preparing Amendment,’ changed wording in second paragraph from “ .in writing. . .” to “. . .a written statement or by email. . .”

  • Chapter 5, Monitoring, was originally Chapter 4, Monitoring
    • Section 3, ‘Sampling/Stamping/Shipping/Testing/Test Results’

      Under subhead, ‘Test Results,’ the sentence in the second paragraph changed from “Batch/Lot/Heat/Coil numbers and quantities for failed material shall be furnished to the Designated Sampler and warehouse by the Responsible Branch.” to “The Responsible Branch furnishes Batch/Lot/Heat/Coil numbers and quantities for failed material shall be furnished to the Designated Sampler and warehouse.”

    • Section 5, ‘Approved Material Returned to Stock’

      Under subhead, ‘General Information,’ wording in the first bullet changed from “A WMSI detailing the description, batch/lot/heat/coil numbers, and quantities of materials proposed for restocking must be submitted to the Responsible Branch by the warehouse.” to “The warehouse completes and submits Form 1908 to the Responsible Branch detailing the description, batch/lot/heat/coil numbers, and quantities of materials proposed for restocking.”

    • Section 9, ‘Clandestine Activity’

      Under subhead,’Handling Violations,’ corrected the bullet level for the last two bulleted items from first level to second level.

    • Section 10, ‘Recovery of Costs’

      In table, ‘Recovering Costs,’ added ‘Who’ column.

    • Section 11, ‘Miscellaneous’

      Under subhead, ‘General Information,’ clarification of section content purpose. Specifically, clarification of the warehouse personnel’s responsibility to notify to the Responsible Branch of proposed changes to warehouse personnel and changes to current Warehouse agreements.

  • Chapter 6, Material Information
    • Under subhead, ‘Responsibility,’ of each of the sections listed below, the responsible branch changed from “Asphalt, Chemical and Traffic Materials Branch” to “Traffic Materials Branch”:

      *Section 2, Clear Acrylic Sealer; Section 3, Coatings for Concrete Class B; *Section 4, Concrete Surface Treatment; *Section 5, Delineators and Object Markers; Section 6, Flexible Delineator Posts; Section 7, Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete; Section 9, Glass Traffic Beads; Section 10, Raised Pavement Markers (All Classes); Section 11, Prefabricated Pavement Marking Material; Section 12, Structural Paints; *Section 13, Temporary Roadway Tabs; Section 14, Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Materials; and Section 15, Traffic Paint

      NOTE: *Contact number for these materials changed to 512/506-5893.

    • Section 8 title changed from “Fabricated Items” to “Fabricated Steel Items”

      Under subhead, ‘Materials Requirements,’ added “(typical values)” to subheading title. At the end of the subsection, ‘Materials Requirements,’ added “NOTE: If outside Texas borders, quantities will vary with distance.”

      Under subhead, ‘Responsibility,’ contact number changed to 512/506-5933.

    • Deleted five sections: Section 10, Metal Beam Guard Fence Posts and Spacer Blocks; Section 11, Pavement Marker Adhesive (Type II), Concrete Adhesive (Type V), Binder for Producing Epoxy Grout or Concrete (Type VIII), Epoxy Coating for Concrete (Type X), Epoxy (Type III); Section 14, Roadway Lighting; Section 16, T-6 Rail and Posts; Section 20, Waterproofing Membrane
    • Section 10 is now “Raised Pavement Markers (All Classes)” (formerly Section 12, Pavement Markers - All Classes)
    • Section 11 is now “Prefabricated Pavement Marking Material” (formerly Section 13, Retroreflective Prefabricated Pavement Marking Material)

      Under subhead, ‘Packaging Requirements,’ information in bullet 2 changed from “Each shipping container must be marked with brand name or producer’s name, materials description and type, TxDOT classification, quantity enclosed, and lot, batch, or shipment numbers.” to “Contain manufacturer’s lot/batch numbers.”

    • Section 12, Structural Paints moved from Section 15
    • Section 13, Temporary Roadway Tabs moved from Section 17
    • Section 14, Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Material moved from Section 18
    • Section 15, Traffic Paint moved from Section 19

      Under subhead, ‘Material Requirements,’ changed “Minimum amount available for warehousing and sampling” from “depends on location of warehouse” to “in-state location - 1,000 gal.” and “out-of-state facility - amount determined by location and sampling cost.”


For more information or questions regarding these revisions, please contact Laura Benningfield or Elaine Smith of the Business Management Section of the Construction Division.


Past manual notices are available in a pdf.

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