Section 11: Miscellaneous

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General Information

This section details the procedures for notification to the Responsible Branch of proposed changes in warehouse personnel and for making changes to current Warehouse agreements.

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Warehouse Personnel Changes

The warehouse management provides a replacement familiar with TxDOT warehousing procedures.

The warehouse management notifies the Responsible Branch in writing within five (5) working days, when there is any change in personnel responsible for handling TxDOT material.

Responsible Branch notifies the Designated Sampler of this change.

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Changes to the Current Warehouse Agreement

Any changes to the current Warehouse Agreement between the warehouse and CST-M&P are handled as follows:

  • All changes must be approved by the Responsible Branch and issued as an amendment to the original agreement. If this change involves or affects sampling, the sampling takes place only after the amendment has been executed and copies have been distributed.
  • In the event the change to the agreement is temporary (one time only), the Responsible Branch notifies the Designated Sampler of the temporary change.
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