Section 2: Originating an Agreement

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This section details the procedures for processing requests for Agreements for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials from Producers/Suppliers/Warehouses.

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Request for Agreement

To enter into an Agreement for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials, Producers/Suppliers/Warehouses submit requests to the Materials & Pavements Section of CST using one of the following methods:

  1. a completed Form 1909, Application for Approved Warehouse
  2. telephone call (must be followed up with a completed Form 1909).
  3. If Form 1909 is not used, submit written requests for agreements that include the following information:
    • company name
    • mailing address
    • business telephone number
    • physical location(s) of warehouse(s)
    • material(s) to be warehoused
    • identification of contact personnel for Producer/Supplier/Warehouse.
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Agreement Request Receipt

Upon receipt, CST-M&P forwards all requests from Producers/Suppliers/Warehouses to enter into an Agreement for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials to the Business Management Section (CST-BMS).

CST-BMS personnel responsible for handling agreements review all requests for completeness.

CST-BMS personnel contact Producers/Suppliers/Warehouses for any additional information that is necessary to process the request for an agreement.

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Request Evaluation

BMS personnel determine whether the materials to be pretested and approved for warehousing are currently covered under the warehousing program. If the materials are currently covered, proceed to the Preparing Agreement section.

If the materials are not currently covered, CST-BMS personnel determine which CST-M&P branch(es) is/are responsible for testing the material(s).

CST-BMS contacts the Responsible Branch personnel to determine if the intent is to include the requested material(s) in the warehousing program. If the material(s) will be included in the program, proceed to Preparing Agreement.

If the requested material(s) will not be included in the program, CST-BMS personnel sends a letter to the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse stating that the material(s) requested to be stocked is/are not included in the Warehousing Program.

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