Section 3: Preparing Agreement

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General Information

CST-BMS personnel determine which CST-M&P branch(es) is/are responsible for testing the material(s) that has/have been requested to be pretested and warehoused.

An Agreement for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials is prepared for execution by a Producer/Supplier/Warehouse. In the instances where more than one type of material is pretested and warehoused by a single Producer/Supplier/Warehouse, the various materials are combined in a single agreement.

The Responsible Branch(es) receives a copy of the completed Form 1909. In the cases where the written request submitted by the Producer/ Supplier/ Warehouse is not prepared on Form 1909, the Responsible Branch(es) is/are provided with a copy of the written request and a blank Form 1909. Form 1909 can also be accessed from the ‘Construction Forms’ web page,

The Responsible Branch completes the lower portion of Form 1909 and returns it to CST-BMS. CST-BMS personnel prepares an Agreement for Authorized Stocking of Pretested and Approved Materials according to instructions provided by the Responsible Branch and as outlined below.

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Preparing Agreement

The following steps outline the procedure for preparing an agreement.

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Prepare all agreements using available software and the standard agreement format.


Complete all required information.

NOTE: The space for the agreement number is blank at this time. The number is assigned when the agreement is forwarded to the CST-M&P director for final execution.


Prepare three original copies of the agreement.

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