Section 10: Raised Pavement Markers (All Classes)

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Physical Requirements of a Warehouse

  • Enclosed
  • Weather-proof
  • Segregated material for TxDOT use only
  • Secured area.
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Material Requirements

  • Minimum amount available for warehousing and sampling:
    • 20,000 units in any combination
    • depends on location of warehouse.
  • Minimum lot size allowed:
    • 1,000 units.
  • Maximum lot size allowed:
    • 20,000 units.
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Packaging Requirements

Each original manufacturer’s shipment must:

  • be in the original packaging form (i.e., banding, shrink-wrap, etc.) prior to sampling
  • contain manufacturer’s lot numbers.
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Storage Life

Two (2) years.

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The Traffic Materials Branch is responsible for testing and warehousing this material. For more information, contact please call 512/506-5893.

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