Section 4: Rejected Material

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General Information

Rejected material is defined as:

  • failed material - material that has failed to meet specification requirements.
  • expired material - material that has exceeded the storage life (as specified in the Warehousing Agreement).
  • damaged material - material that has been damaged due to storage, shipment, or handling.
  • discontinued material - material that is no longer used by TxDOT.

The Responsible Branch and warehouse representative agree on the disposition of rejected material.

Rejected material is segregated from approved material and the TxDOT monogram is removed. The warehouse representative is responsible for immediate removal of the TxDOT monogram from all rejected material by one of the following methods.

  1. Obliteration
    • Mark is applied over the stamp in a color contrasting with the colors of the stamp and container background.
    • Obliteration by spray painting over stamps with contrasting color.
  2. Removing tags bearing the TxDOT monogram. All tags are sent to the Responsible Branch within three (3) working days of removal.
  3. Removing the portion of the container bearing the TxDOT monogram. All monograms are sent to the Responsible Branch within three (3) working days of removal.

Any resampling of rejected material is at the discretion of the Responsible Branch.

All inventories are adjusted to reflect material quantities (reference the ‘Inventory Control’ section of this chapter).

The cost associated with testing materials that are rejected is borne by the Producer/Supplier/Warehouse. The Recovery of Costs section of this chapter outlines the procedure associated with billing for rejected materials.

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