Chapter 5: DCIS Reports Guide


Section 1: ROSCOE

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Security System

Several security items are required to access the department’s information systems. The security system to retrieve DCIS reports through ROSCOE is usually the same as assigned for DCIS access.

Contact your automation administrator for problems or questions concerning the sign-on key and level of authorization. The automation administrator can also help with sign-on and sign-off procedures, obtaining reports, etc.

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Regional ROSCOE

The name to use for ROSCOE depends on the geographic region of the user. ROSCOE regional names for the following area are:

ROSCOE – central/divisions (headquarters)

ROSCP – central/divisions (headquarters)

ROSA1 – Austin area

ROSD1 – Dallas area

ROSF1 – Fort Worth area

ROSH1 – Houston area

ROSO1 – Odessa area

ROSS1 – San Antonio area

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