Chapter 3: Project Utility Screens

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Section 1: Cross Reference Screen

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The cross reference screen is on-line inquiry screen. Use this screen to retrieve information by specific criteria. DCIS will return online with all the records meeting the criteria.

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Screen Layout

On the DCIS menu screen, enter the tag M1 and press ENTER. Following is a copy of the cross reference screen.

Cross-reference screen (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i998577grtop

Figure 3-1. Cross-reference screen

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Enter one or more of the selection criteria. Use any combination of criteria to select project information; however, only projects meeting all the criteria will be displayed. (When entering digits, include leading zeros.)

Anchor: #i1001439Project Information Selection Criteria

For Selection



Three-digit number


Two-digit number

Pres Dist Est Let Date

Four-digit number, MMYY in format


Numeric/alpha (in DCSCATA TACS table (see Category Selections)

Work Program

Numeric/alpha (in DCSWPGMS TACS table) (see Category Selections)

Project Classification

Three-character code (in DCSPRCLS TACS table) (see Category Selections)

Control Section

Six-digit number

Highway No.

Two-characters, space, up to four-digit number

Contract CSJ

Nine-digit number

Project Ancestors

Nine-digit number

Project Descendants

Nine-digit number

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Online Report

The online report shows county, district, highway, control-section-job number, project number, estimated letting date, limits, estimated construction cost, authorized amount, layman’s description, and project classification.

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