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Section 4: UTP Update Screen

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The UTP update screen is for AD HOC reporting. This information is utilized by the Design Division (DES) and the Transportation Planning and Programming Division (TPP(P)).

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Screen Layout

Following is a revised copy of the UTP update screen (P6).

Blank copy of the UTP Update screen. (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i1003914grtop

Figure 2-6. Blank copy of the UTP Update screen.

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Brief descriptions of the fields on the UTP update screen follow in physical order (order of location on the screen). This information is also found in the DCIS Data Dictionary for File 121.

CTL-SEC-JOB – This field is a display of the project’s control-section-job number.

Highway Number – This field is a display of the highway number from the project identification screen.

If field is not applicable, leave the field blank (no entry).

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Authorized User Fields

The following fields can be input only by TPP(P). The field descriptions follow.

Corridor Number – Shows the mobility corridor number for TPP(P) mapping purposes (GIS) (input by TPP(P)).

AD HOC Report Code Log – This is an array, maximum of ten occurrences, each five characters in length.

  • Fields 1 through 10 = Design AD HOC Report Codes
  • Fields 11 through 20 = TPP(P) AD HOC Report Codes.
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