Chapter 11: Contract Award and Subcontract Execution

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Section 1: Subcontracts

In accordance with TxDOT Standard Specifications, the prime contractor must submit a copy of the executed subcontract agreement or purchase order for all DBE subcontracts including all tiered DBE subcontracts on federal-aid projects.

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Subcontract Agreement

The prime contractor must incorporate the following TxDOT provisions in all subcontract agreements or material purchase agreements:

The prime contractor should review these provisions with the DBE.

It is considered a best practice to include language into the subcontract regarding the ability of a DBE to perform a CUF. Advise the DBE that it is expected to manage, supervise, and perform its work, with its own organization and resources. A DBE’s failure to perform a CUF is considered by TxDOT as a valid cause for termination. For more information regarding the CUF requirements, please refer to Chapter 6 of this Guide and 49 CFR, Part 26.55.


Multiple-Tier Subcontracts

The prime contractor is ultimately responsible for the actions of its subcontractors and any second tiered DBE subcontractors. The prime contractor should, therefore, ensure that any subcontract between a first tier subcontractor and a DBE subcontractor contains language that the DBE goals are to be met and that the DBE performs a CUF. Additionally, the prime contractor should be certain that the first tier subcontractors understand the process of terminating a DBE subcontractor.

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