Chapter 23: Design-Build Projects

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Section 1: Overview

Design-build (DB) is a construction project contract that combines engineering design services, construction services, and sometimes maintenance services into a single contract. The design-builder is usually the general construction contractor, but in some cases it is the engineering design firm.

Federal regulations recognize the difficulties associated with achievement of project goals before the design has been completed and permits use of an alternative DBE compliance approach for design-build projects. Each proposer for a TxDOT design-build contract will be required to submit a DBE Performance Plan as part of a responsive proposal.

Following award of a design-build contract, and during both the design and construction portions of the project, the DB contractor will be required to submit documentation, in the form of commitments and monthly progress reports to show that the DB contractor is meeting the contract goal. If the goal is not being met, the DB contractor must submit satisfactory good faith efforts.

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