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Section 3: TxDOT Districts

The Districts oversee the construction of state highways. The oversight responsibility includes monitoring contractor compliance with the DBE Program requirements. District offices are the initial and primary contact for prime contractors and subcontractors and provide oversight for construction division projects. Area offices (under the District office) support the District office during different stages of the project. The oversight responsibility includes monitoring contractor compliance with the DBE Program requirements.

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District Engineer Responsibilities

The District Engineer (DE) oversees the planning, designing, building, operation, and maintenance of the state transportation system for the District. The DE will assign the District DBE Coordinator (DDC) or other staff to monitor contract compliance with the DBE special provision. In addition, the DE will address DBE Program violations and initiate sanctions or penalties when applicable.

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District Staff Responsibilities

District staff DBE Program responsibilities include:

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  • Know and understand federal-aid contract DBE provisions included in the contract.
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  • Ensure all federal-aid project contracts in DMS are reviewed and locked-in in DMS prior to start of work.
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  • Ensure all DBE subcontractors in DMS are transferred from the utilization plan to the contract compliance module prior to start of work.
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  • Discuss DBE provision requirements at the pre-construction conference.
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  • Review and approve termination and substitution requests.
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  • Verify DBE payments in DMS.
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  • Review joint check requests.
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  • Perform Commercially Useful Function reviews.
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  • Verify final DBE participation dollar amounts in DMS or determine adequate good faith efforts.
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  • Maintain records in accordance with FHWA records retention requirements.
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  • Coordinate with the DDC or Director of Construction (DOC) if a contractor does not perform a monthly audit of payments to DBE subcontractors, does not request appropriate substitution or does not send adequate good faith efforts during the project.
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  • Escalate the issue to the District Engineer for administrative actions and determine the best course of action when a DBE commitment cannot be met.
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  • Seek direction and guidance from CIV staff on DBE Program compliance issues.
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District DBE Coordinator (DDC) Contact List

The DDC contact list should be used to contact your DDC should you have any questions regarding compliance with the DBE Program.

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