Chapter 9: DMS Subcontractors

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Section 1: Overview

During the course of a project, a prime contractor may want to add additional DBE subcontractors. This includes DBE subcontractors that were not part of the utilization plan. The prime contractor can add subcontractors in DMS after a contract record has been created by the district staff.

Prior to any DBE subcontractor working on a federal-aid project, the prime contractor must request approval by adding the subcontractor in DMS. This includes race-neutral participation on projects with or without DBE goals.

Requests must include the subcontracting firm name and contact information, a description of the work to be performed, bid items, and the total dollar amount of the subcontract.

Any work done by a race-neutral DBE, regardless of NAICS codes should be counted as race-neutral participation provided they are performing a CUF.

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DMS Contract Set Up and Use Procedures

The following sections summarize general DMS contract set up responsibilities and procedures performed by the district staff.

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TxDOT Responsibility

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  • Each TxDOT District is responsible for its assigned federal-aid projects in DMS.
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  • This responsibility will generally be delegated to the DDC.
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  • The contract record will be set up after contract award and prior to start of work.
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  • The District will notify the prime contractor in DMS when the contract record has been created.
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Prime Contractor Responsibility

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  • At time of District notification, the prime contractor is responsible for setting up DBE race-neutral participation in DMS.
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  • The prime contractor will need to notify all its DBE and non-DBE tiered firms of subcontract set up, monthly reporting, and payment approval responsibilities that they must perform in DMS.
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  • DBE prime contractors must report subcontractor activity for all subcontractors to include DBEs and non-DBEs.
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