Chapter 1: Introduction

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Section 1: Purpose of the Guide

The District DBE Compliance and Monitoring Guide was developed by the Department’s Civil Rights Division (CIV). The purpose of this Guide is to provide a tool that can be used by district construction staff that have oversight responsibilities specific to the DBE program as outlined in 49 CFR, Part 26. This Guide is intended to help district staff understand the processes, terminology, policies, and procedures.

This Guide contains procedures related to monitoring and enforcement to verify that the work committed to DBEs is actually performed by DBEs, and that their payments are consistent with their approved contracts.

An essential role of government is the stewardship and oversight of public expenditures. The Department provides the stewardship and oversight of federal-aid programs and State funded transportation projects. A significant component of the Department’s DBE Program is compliance and enforcement. The Department monitors compliance with the DBE requirements through district construction staff. This Guide provides guidance to district construction staff to actively administer and monitor contracts qualified for the DBE program.

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