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Section 2: District Responsibilities

Each District must verify current status of DBE payments in DMS. DMS records all payments to DBE subcontractors, provides payments to date, DBE committed amounts and modifications to original contract amount by change order.

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  1. Go to the “Subs” tab in DMS. Verify the percentage shown in the Subs Towards Goal column of the Subcontractor Award Totals section is equal to or greater than the contract DBE goal.

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  3. Go to the “Compliance Audit Summary” tab in DMS. This will provide a visual bar graph of DBE goal attainment to date labeled For Credit Progress. (See image in next subsection.) The bar graph will be red if current DBE goal attainment is less than the contract DBE goal. The bar will turn green if the current DBE goal attainment has met or exceeded the contract DBE goal.

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  5. Closely monitor change orders to verify if adjusted items or work will positively or negatively impact DBE subcontracted items.
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  7. Notify the contractor utilizing the “Not Meeting the Goal Letter” should a concern arise that the contractor will not meet the contract DBE goal.
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  9. Inform the prime contractor of the concern that the DBE goal will not be made based on your monitoring of payments, projected payments, and change order impacts. Direct the prime contractor to review its DBE goal attainment progress, provide a corrective action plan to meet the goal or provide justification (good faith efforts) why it cannot meet the goal. Discuss options available to the contractor to meet the goal and provide guidance.
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  11. Evaluate and approve the contractor’s corrective action plan.
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  13. Monitor the contractor’s corrective action plan and good faith efforts.
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