Section 3: Payment Reporting when a DBE is a Prime Contractor

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Before payment audits, the District needs to ensure that the processes described in Chapter 9, Section 3 of this manual have been completed.

DMS tracks payments to DBE prime contractors as the remaining amount after payments are made to all certified and non-certified subcontractors. This method requires that all subcontractors are tracked. For example:

TxDOT total payments to prime contractor


Prime payments to DBE certified subs


Prime payments to non-DBE certified subs


Goal credit of DBE prime contractor


Total DBE goal credit on Project


TxDOT total payments to prime contractor


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DMS Process for a DBE Prime Contractor

The DBE prime contractor will be required to report payments to all of their subcontractors, including all DBE and non-DBE subcontractors.

All subcontractors will be required to respond to requests for verification of payment.

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