Chapter 21: Project Close Out

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Section 1: Prime Contractor Actions

When a project is complete, prime contractors should perform the following actions

In the most recent monthly contract audit indicate Yes to the question, Marked as Final Audit.

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In the Compliance Audit List tab in DMS to ensure that all audit information has been submitted for the project:

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After confirming that there are no incomplete audits for the project and that all subcontractors have confirmed payments, the prime contractor will assess goal attainment by selecting the final monthly compliance audit. DMS allows the contractor to assess its goal attainment in terms of subcontracting dollars and participation percentage.

If the prime contractor has met the DBE project goal and each individual DBE race-conscious commitment, no further action from the prime contractor is required.

If a project falls short of the contract DBE goal, the prime contractor should submit a letter to TxDOT explaining the shortfall to TxDOT. Prime contractors should include documentation of any good faith efforts to justify the shortfall. TxDOT will review this documentation and make a determination.

There should be no surprises at the end of the project.

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