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Section 2: Adding a Race-Neutral DBE Subcontractor in DMS

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It is the responsibility of the prime contractor to add all race-neutral DBE subcontractors to their contract.

The District will inform the prime contractor to add their RN DBEs once the contract has been “Locked In” and the race-conscious DBEs from the UP have been transferred to the contract.

If the prime contractor is a DBE, then after the District “Locks In” the contract, the prime should be notified so that they can enter all certified and non-certified subcontractors. While the Prime Contractors’ DBE Guide, Chapter 10, provides details on adding RN DBE subcontractors to the contract, it is the same process for adding any type of subcontractor. The only variation will be in Step 4 where the prime will need to accurately select if and how the subcontractor will count toward the goal. See screenshot below from the prime contractor view and provide assistance, as necessary, to the DBE prime contractor.

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