Chapter 5: The Texas Unified Certification Program (TUCP)

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Section 1: Background on the TUCP

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Background on the TUCP

49 CFR, Part 26.81(b)(2) states: “The UCP shall provide ‘one-stop shopping’ to applicants for certification, such that an applicant is required to apply only once for a DBE certification that will be honored by all recipients in the state.”

In support of this requirement, the State of Texas established a TUCP Committee that certifies DBEs for participation in USDOT federal contracting projects across the State of Texas.

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TUCP Certifying Agency Requirements

Six certifying agencies make all certification decisions in accordance with 49 CFR, Part 23, Part 26, and the TUCP Memorandum of Agreement. Agencies must keep complete files on applicants and provide information as required and annually require its DBE firms to submit an affidavit of no change form, due on their certification anniversary date.

A business' DBE certification received from any of the TUCP agencies is valid and can be relied upon by any Texas entity that receives USDOT funds.

The following agencies are members of the TUCP:

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TUCP Directory

The firms listed in the TUCP directory meet the DBE certification requirements to perform the specific work codes granted. All requests for additional work codes must be approved prior to the execution of any contract the DBE firm wishes to perform work on as a DBE. The TUCP DBE directory should be relied on as primary source for soliciting DBEs.

The TUCP directory of all certified DBE firms in Texas is available online. The TUCP directory includes a list of certified DBE firms; including the name, address, telephone, and NAICS codes.

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