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Section 2: Civil Rights Division

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TxDOT’s DBE Program is established under TxDOT’s Civil Rights Division (CIV). CIV is responsible for implementing all aspects of the DBE Program and ensuring that TxDOT complies with all provisions of 49 CFR, Part 26. CIV accomplishes this responsibility through a tiered approach of contract oversight, program administration, and verification of contractor compliance at division and district levels.

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CIV Staff

CIV’s director and staff are responsible for:

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  • Implementation and oversight of TxDOT’s DBE Program.
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  • Recommending and establishing policy and procedure in administration of the DBE Program.
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  • Coordination of DBE Program requirements with the Districts, FHWA, and all sub recipients.
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  • Setting overall DBE state participation goal.
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  • Setting specific DBE project or contract goals.
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  • Annual reporting requirements to FHWA.
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  • Providing training on DBE Program requirements, processes, and procedures.
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  • Providing support and guidance to districts, divisions and sub recipients.
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  • Conducting annual DBE Program compliance audits on districts, local governments, and other entities that are recipients of federal funds.
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  • Oversight and administration of the Texas Unified Certification Program (TUCP).
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CIV Organization Chart

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Figure 4-1. Civil Rights Division Organization Chart

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CIV Contact

For assistance please contact the Civil Rights Division at 512-416-4700

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