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Section 2: Daily Monitoring

LG staff should monitor work performed by DBEs. The following observations should be noted in the daily work reports specific to their operations:

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  • The names of the DBEs working on the project.
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  • Does the DBE have a foreman supervising the work or is the prime contractor or another subcontractor supervising the DBE’s work?
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  • Is the DBE using its own equipment or that of the prime contractor?
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  • Is the DBE performing the work it was subcontracted to do or is the prime contractor or another subcontractor performing the work?
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    • Note the general description of the work the DBE subcontractor is performing or note if the prime contractor or another subcontractor is performing work that the DBE should be performing.
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  • Are the DBE’s employees performing the DBE’s work?
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    • Note if the DBE and prime contractor or other subcontractors are sharing employees.

If the LG project site inspector has reason to believe the DBE subcontractor is not performing a CUF, document the observations and bring them to the attention of the LG DBE Coordinator for further investigation and action. These observations may warrant a need to perform a CUF review. Daily work report records should be considered in the CUF review.

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