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Section 2: Monthly Progress Reports

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Monitoring Monthly Progress Reports

The prime contractor is required to submit monthly reports, after work begins, on DBE payments to meet the DBE goal and for DBE race-neutral participation to the LG. These reports are due within fifteen days after the end of a calendar month. These reports will be required until all DBE subcontracting or material supply activity is completed. The DBE Progress Report ( Form SMS.4903) is to be used for monthly reporting. The DBE Final Report ( Form SMS.4904) is to be used as a final summary of DBE payments submitted upon completion of the project.

The Prime Contractor is required to report race-conscious and race-neutral participation. Verify the prime has included race-neutral participation on the Monthly Progress Report form and that expenditures are entered correctly in the LG’s system of record.

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Monitoring DBE Prime Contractor Payments to Non-DBE Subcontractors

DBE prime contractors may receive credit toward the DBE goal for work performed by its own forces and work subcontracted to DBEs. In the event a DBE prime contractor subcontracts to a non-DBE, that information must be reported on the DBE Prime Contractor Payments to Non-DBE Subcontractors ( Form SMS.4902).

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Progress Payment Information

The LG must report contractor/subcontractor progress payment information monthly throughout construction to TxDOT project personnel.

The LG must report final contractor/subcontractor progress payment information to TxDOT project personnel within thirty days after making final payment to a contractor.

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